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Kennebec Baptist Church is an autonomous, self-supporting member of the Little River Baptist Association, North Carolina Baptist State Convention, and Southern Baptist Convention. Our doctrinal statement is best described as this…we believe in the Bible, the Whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible. We affirm the Baptist Faith and Message of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Meet our pastors

Rev. Ben Campbell held a revival in a brush arbor in the sawmill village of Kennebec in southern Wake County. During this revival and until a building was built, the church met in the brush arbor and used a large stone as an altar. On October 24, 1915, the Rev. Campbell, with the assistance of Rev. James Holloman, organized a Missionary Baptist Church and named it Kennebec Baptist Church. (The name Kennebec comes from the Kennebec River in Maine, originally, sawmill owner Kemp Johnson and other residents bought ice from this river during the summer). On April 14, 1916, Mr. Johnson donated an acre of land to the church and the first church building was constructed beside the present graveyard on Highway 55. On September 24, 1916, the church approved a resolution to join the Little River Baptist Association.



The original church was remodeled three times. In 1950, a piece of the stone that had been used as an altar was placed as a cornerstone of the church. Another piece rests above the cornerstone of our current church.


In 1957, Kennebec took a step of faith and called the Rev. Virlin Griner as its first full-time pastor. Since that time, the church has had many faithful pastors leading and guiding the church through the years. Kennebec has also seen men called to go forth and share God’s word as pastor’s in other churches over the years. Baptist Men are active in helping those in our community as well as those touched by disaster across our country. 


One of the most momentous events in the history of our church occurred on April 22, 1973. On that Easter Sunday, the members of the church walked from the old church on Highway 55 to come worship in the facility, which we now reside. In 2000, we began work on a fellowship hall and in April of 2001, we dedicated the new fellowship hall to the Lord.  


Throughout its history, Kennebec has supported missions and outreach. In 1936, our WMU was organized and our first VBS was held in 1937. Then in 1960, we began R.A.s and G.A.s. During Pastor Walker’s time here, Promise Keepers was organized. In 2001, the church began the FAITH evangelism program and as a result, we have seen many people come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.  In 2008 the Upward Ministry was added for children 5 years of age through 6th grade.


Our future also looks bright. With the development of many new neighborhoods and business growth, Kennebec Baptist Church continues to be an active part of the community as we continue to share Jesus with our friends and neighbors. WE are excited about what God will do through us in the future.


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